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Of India's many traditional pilgrimage sites believed to bestow everything from bhukti (material gain) to mukhti (liberation), Vrindavan offers bhakti and prema, or devotion and love of God. The journey to the center of the heart means following a deep inner longing.

Krishna Mantra

Although the Krishna mantra is "Hare Rama, Hare Krishna", in Vrindavan "Sri Radha" is worshipped as the highest form of love for God (Krishna). "Radhe Radhe" is the greeting that you hear everywhere and it can mean many things here in Vrindavan. From "please" to "thank you", to "hello and goodbye", to "hey, make some room for me..." The Brajabasis (residents of Vrindavan) associate everything with Radhe, because they know that love is the highest path to God.

spiritual rituals

On the day of arrival we will take a boat trip on the Yamuna River and in the evening we will visit the Arati at Keshi Ghat, which has been taking place there for centuries in an unbroken family tradition.

keshi ghat Vrindavan
River bank vrindavan
yamuna aarti
Daily rituals in the Ashram

Singing Kirtan

The next day we will visit Radha Kunda (Sri Radha's Lake), which is less than an hour's drive away, and have the opportunity to immerse ourselves in her love in liquid form. We will visit small temples nearby and sing kirtan and have a picnic. Many sadhus who live there offer wonderful hand-carved ornaments made from the holy Tulsi wood for sale.

Vrindavan Krishna

Temple in Vrindavan

The following day we explore Old Vrindavan and immerse ourselves in the magic and different atmospheres of some historical places and temples.

On the outer layer of this pilgrimage site, we encounter a lot of Indian chaos and garbage disposal is also an issue, but on a deeper level, the spiritual essence of Vraja lies untouched, visible to those who worship the God of their heart there, who is always visible to the eyes of love. And it is there, in the eyes of the Brajabasis, in their devotion and love, that my heart is touched so deeply that tears come to my eyes.

ashram in vrindavan

In the afternoon we will visit the Munger Mandir Ashram. Sadhu Maharaj comes from a royal family in Mungir. He grew up with all the opulence that comes with such a status. He noticed quite early on that wealth did not allow his mind to rest and he saw that his grandparents, who had oriented their lives spiritually, radiated an inner peace and contentment that he felt attracted to, so he chose this path himself and let go of all his wealth. Today he lives a secluded life in Vrindavan and has an open heart and ear for everyone who wants to see him. We will visit him and have the opportunity to ask him questions.

The next morning, after a yoga class and breakfast, we will depart to Haridwar by private taxi

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