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Our North India trip from 07.-27. March 2014

from 07-27 March 2014

Stories about the journey in pictures

Wonderful photos of the wonderful participants

A little melancholic rap song by the wonderful seminar leader

inspired by much together and suddenly lonely in Varanasi

We have seen a lot - eyes are not enough to understand it

We laughed a lot and most of the time it was fun

but we never thought it was like this and not otherwise.

We came to be careful and looked out for each other - were not always gentle with each other

but someone almost always laughed at every nonsense

and we never thoughtthat everything is like this and not otherwise.

In moments we laughed at each other, turned on - thought about our lives 

scared into my bathing trunks while rafting - got through a few nights with diarrhea

asked us in trains what did I do there - killed the ego again and again selber

have not fooled us before

but would never have thought that it was like this and not otherwise.

Now they're all gone - not even a spot remains without a trace

as is always the case when one or something goes- that was just there and tangible close

very rarely appreciated the moments - sometimes hurting themselves with sich.

We can't keep anything- everything is allowed to unfold- disappear and are not preserved

Weeds die and new ones emerge.

The illusion of keeping you as you are is an earthly joke

because what was today is already different tomorrow even if you wander - through your illusion-

your sadness will tell you someday- you shouldn't finally dare to do it now-

to let go, just not to grasp itand let it happen.

A memory that remains is also just an energy that fades away

even if it winds through our heads for a while longer.

We say goodbye all our lives - and believe in it

through the form in which we live - and our karma which we pass on

that something remains in us-

and we search life by what it is, where it sits- so that it doesn't escape us.

Wir schaffen Werke - and set off on the lost track.

India makes us motionless for a moment

even if we run here we will recognize here,

that everything is like this and not different.








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