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Michael Indien 2019

Michael Indien 2019

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Sabine Indien 2017

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Dear Anne and team,


Above all, I am writing to you again to say thank you! It was a wonderful time - I can´t think of a better way to meet India for the first time - I have the feeling that I was shown exactly the sides of India that interested me! 

For me the mix was just right, between quiet and intense cities, high mountains and wild traffic - always combined with yoga. This is also a successful recipe - which yoga has grounded us again and again. It has been very good for me.


As a mom, I have the utmost respect for you two, Remo and Anne, for how calmly you took your son with you. Nevertheless, I always had the feeling that you were there with the group.


Every conversation we had was intense with all of you!

I know for sure - it was my first - but not my last trip to India.


Even if everyday life is slowly taking up space again - after three weeks cooking again! - I always feel like I have a piece of India inside me. 


Namaste! Hari Om! 


Passionate religious educator and museum educator

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