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Anne Wuchold Yogalehrerin und Reiseleiterin der Indienyogareise

Anne Wuchold

Annes yoga is influenced by the precise alignment of Iyengar, the integral style of Swami Sivananda and the flows of Kali Ray's Triyoga.

Her teaching is always hands on and supplemented with elements from Thai massage and the meridians of Chinese medicine for a clearer awareness outside of the yoga mat.

Trained in the Iyengar and Sivananda style, she lives and teaches twice a year in India and Germany, has accompanied tour groups through Asia for many years and runs a retreat center in Sardinia.

Anne is an actress and due to her strong interest in healing and becoming whole, she has been intensively involved with the Shat Kriyas and her own yoga practice since 2001. She trained as a yoga therapist in Kerala, India in 2008. She then worked in a naturopathy clinic in Tamil Nadu. In 2012 she completed her training as a Shiatsu therapist.

In Chiang Mai, Thailand she learned from masters of Thai massage like Ajarn Sinchai, Lek Chayia, Pi Jem and Pijat and today she passes this Eastern knowledge on in teaching Thai massage and Yoga all over the world.

Yogalehrerin der Nordindienyogreise

Arianne de Vos Burchart

Arianne is fascinated by the healing language of our body and mind - our ultimate source of communication for spatial poetry and at the same time the best thermometer of the self.

Ariannes yoga classes are a sensitive blend of caring Yin Yoga with a touch of dynamic Free Flow and Yoga Nidra Sound Healing.
The focus is on reconnecting with the self, rediscovering, constantly questioning yourself and breathing in the moment.

Arianne is a choreographer and in addition to her many years of work as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist, she also teaches dance and movement work.

Trained by Kaitiza Satya, Marco Bianco, Sandra Bianco (ashtanga vinyasa tt 200 hr), Paul & Suzee Grilley, Anat Geiger (yin yoga), Louise Ellis, Gabriele Severini (asthanga), Bo Forbes (yogatherapy), Rusty Wells (bhakti flow ), Noah McKenna (anatomy), Peggy Hackney, Ciel Wertz, Valery Preston Dunlop (Laban dance therapy). Deborah Hay, Julyan Hamilton (instant choreography), she combines yoga, dance and sound for a holistic and gentle transformation of your yoga students around the world.

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